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  Business Management Consulting

Need assistance from successful executives with over 30-years experience running multi-million dollar, technology-based enterprises? We can help with strategic, operational, technical, and financial issues.

  Product Management & Development

We've product managed the development of products and services, as well as software for enterprise including ERP, Mobile, CRM, DAM, and eCommerce applications. We can do the same for you too.

  Software Development

Our software developers rapidly build easy-to-scale enterprise and SMB software using open-source software that's royalty free! Our developers projects attracted investment from Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft.

  Website Development

Our comprehensive, responsive website development services make it easy for you to attain a beautiful, 1 to 100+ website, that look great in all modern browsers and on all devices.

Questions & Answers

What is Virtual TuneUp?

Virtual TuneUp is a fusion of successful entrepreneurs and executive, killer product managers, leading software developers, talented website developers, and really nice people who enjoy helping others find success. We've been there and done that. We can help you do the same.

What does Virtual TuneUp do?

Virtual TuneUp does business performance consulting, product management, software development, and web site development. We are consultants for hire and often take interim director positions in order to acheive a goal before departing after successful completion of a contract.

Who can Virtual TuneUp help?

Virtual TuneUp can help startups, enterprises, Fortune, and government clients and associated senior management executives with strategic, operational, technical, and financial issues.

What kind of Business Performance Consulting is done?

Virtual TuneUp can help with strategic, operational, technical, and financial issues. We help grow companies, turnaround companies, and acheive operational excellence often through the development and implement of software.

What kind of software development do you offer?

Virtual TuneUp rapidly builds easy-to-use and easy-to-scale web applications and business management systems for enterprise and SMB. We are full-stack developers, doing both front- and back-end development. Our developers prefer Golang with a PostgreSQL for its speed and ability to easily scale. However, many options exist.

Who writes your software?

Virtual TuneUp only employs the best talent. Our developers are on the bleeding-edge of development and regularly teach other developers best modern practices. One of our developers wrote a Rails deployment system that attracted over $90-million in venture capital from Amazon, Benchmark Capital, and Oracle. It was recently sold to Microsoft. Suffice to say, we are as competent a software development firm as you can find.

What kind of websites do you develop?

Virtual TuneUp develops websites with a clean and professional look. We build popular one-page websites as well as more extensive websites with 100 plus pages. All our websites are responsive and HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, which means they look great on mobile devices and desktop computers. Not only do they look great, but our website development services are comprehensive and include concept, wireframing, copywriting, photo search, coding, and design by an art director with 30 years experience working for Fortune companies.