Lean Management

  Written by David Roualdes


Job Aspirin was an Internet company. It built a SaaS Internet Application for job search.


Job Aspirin needed a highly productive and collaborative environment, yet its employees, investors, and developers worked worldwide. It needed a cost-effective lean management solution.


After exploring options and researching cloud-based service offerings, the decision was made to create a virtual business without a headquarters. Employees, developers, and investors would work out of home offices, Internet cafes, or places where public WiFi was available.

A select combination of cloud-based service offerings gave the company exactly what it needed. Google Wave was used for all communications providing a team-building collaborative environment. It replaced email communications for all internal communications, although email was still available for external customer and vendor communications. GitHub was used as a repository for developers in the US, the UK, and India. Pivotal tracker was used for application development, feature tracking, and bug resolution. Internet 800 numbers were put in place and lines forwarded to everyone’s cell phones. AWS (Amazon Web Services) was used for website and SaaS database hosting. Numerous other ancillary cloud-based services were also used.

Within just a few days, company-wide operations were setup. The total operating expenses minus salary and developer fees to came to less than $500 per month. Operations ran smoothly and effectively. Beyond that, there were no system administration headaches or expenses.