Written by David Roualdes


Job Aspirin was an Internet company. It built a SaaS Internet Application for job search.


Job Aspirin ran into a roadblock with how to market to potential customers; specifically, it was a list procurement problem. Job seekers were their primary marketplace, yet a list of job seekers was not commercially or otherwise available. They needed to determine how to reach an estimated 30-million job seekers in the recession.


Research was conducted to determine alternate ways of reaching prospective job seekers. Some interesting facts arose. Career coaches worked with typically between 5-10 job seeker clients per month. Veterans leaving the military and entering the job market go through a transition assistance program offered by the military which is effectively run by career coaches. Career coaches got their certification and training from various coaching organizations.

An innovative workaround strategy and channel marketing program were put into place. Job Aspirin gave the online coaching tools away for free. Career coaches, veterans services, and coaching organizations were the key to reaching job seekers; therefore, the company’s marketing efforts were concentrated on them. Social media, Twitter, in particular, was used to get the word out to these channels. The company attended coaching trade shows, job networking events, and held webinars

The word spread exponentially through the thousands of career coaches, veterans services, and coaching organizations, especially since the tools to help job seekers was made free to them. Support was secured from the United States military with the sponsorship of veteran access to the Job Aspirin application. 750 industry pundits started following the company on Twitter within 3 months.