180º Company Turnaround

  Written by David Roualdes


Viking Pavers Construction is construction company doing business in the San Francisco Bay area.


Viking Pavers Construction struggled in the recession like many in the construction industry. Company management needed to turn around the business and turned to Virtual TuneUp. To add to matters, company did fantastic work, but their knowledge of online and social media marketing was not understood well understood.


Virtual TuneUp analyzed company management practices. After an analysis of the business, the recession was discovered to be only partially to blame for the decline in revenue. Marketing management practices, or lack thereof, was the culprit.

The company’s managers were not marketing savvy. Virtual TuneUp discovered that the company was spending $5,000 per month on Google click-throughs. Google worked for a while, but use of it during the recession was a different story. Suffice to say; management quickly learned that spending more and more money on Google advertising did not necessarily mean better results.

An overhaul of their marketing practices was performed. Virtual TuneUp began with conducting A/B variant testing with social media sites such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp and analyzed the metrics. Virtual TuneUp also developed an extensive 98-page website highlighting the company’s product and service offerings along with a vast portfolio of completed projects.

Virtual TuneUp determined that spending $5,000 per month on Google click-throughs was comparable to paying $500 per month for Yelp advertising—with the same results! That meant they had $4,500 to spend on an increase in Yelp advertising. Alternatively, they could find other marketing avenues. Virtual TuneUp helped them determine the right mix nonetheless.

With the marketing changes in place, sales dramatically increased. Within 9-months, Virtual TuneUp helped the company add $1-million in revenue smack in the middle of the recession.