Execution & Project Management

  Written by David Roualdes


The Information Technology Department at the City of San Rafael serves about 400 employees spread throughout the city in all departments including the Fire, Police, Public Works, and Public Library.


The existing IT Department manager was overwhelmed with too many IT infrastructure upgrade initiatives going on throughout the city for one manager to oversee. He needed a clone of himself to jump into the fire and manage daily IT issues so he could concentrate on policy issues set forth by the city.


The City of San Rafael and Virtual TuneUp entered into a long-term contract for Virtual TuneUp to co-manage the IT Department. Virtual TuneUp jumped into the fire and immediately took over the management of 10 technicians serving the daily IT support needs of 400 citywide employees and all of the city’s departments. Simultaneously, Virtual TuneUp managed the upgrade of 400 workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7 along with numerous mission-critical upgrades to Police, Fire, Public Works, and Public Library systems.