ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Application Development

  Written by David Roualdes


Viking Pavers Construction is a mid-size construction company doing business in the San Francisco Bay area.


Viking Pavers Construction was a previous client of Virtual TuneUp. Virtual TuneUp helped them do a 180º turnaround smack in the middle of the recession by adding over a million dollars in revenue. Virtual TuneUp had developed a business plan to grow the company further. Post-recession, Virtual TuneUp increased by another $4 million. As is often the case with such accelerated growth, a host of management and organizational structure problems ensued. As such, everyone was on different pages, and jobs were error plagued.


Virtual TuneUp developed an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application with mobile capabilities that put everyone on the same page. The ERP app featured CRM, estimating, PDF contracts, customer signature capture, project tracking, and project management capabilities. It also allowed the management team to be offsite and remotely manage the business from the field. It got everyone on the same page.

Virtual TuneUp also did an audit of the company’s financials and uncovered a substantial cost-accounting error causing them millions of dollars in unearned revenue. Adjustments to estimating, bookkeeping, and their financial statements (including the P&L, Income Statement, and Cash Flow) resolved the problem.

Below is a screenshot of the ERP application developed.

Viking Pavers' Application